Petrified Wood

Fossilized flora include permineralized conifer specimens, equisetum (horsetail), algal stromatolites, a few fern fragments and various palynomorphs. 

The presence of conifer trees in the Navajo environment is a scientific curiosity that is currently a subject of debate.  A systematic investigation into the occurrence and locations of the wood specimens has not yet been attempted.  The specific type of conifer is unknown as is any general knowledge concerning the tree's propagation and its apparent survival amongst the shifting sand dunes and the occasional playa lake bed where harsh alkaline conditions were thought to have prevailed.  The role these trees may have played in the overall Navajo ecosystem is also a complete mystery.

Perminerilized Wood (In situ stumps and apparent root specimens) - Moab, Utah Location

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These curious features below have not yet been properly studied and identified.

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