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Benefits of becoming a Polar Bear Member

    1)  Shocking the circulatory system can produce a warm afterglow and a transcendental state that one
    literally needs to experience to fully understand.

    2)  It is a spiritually uplifting ritual which can surpass any normal level of comprehension.

    3)  It can reduce wrinkles.    Drastic temperature changes and shivering skin actually exercise shallow
    sub-cutaneous muscles that firm the skin.

    4)  You become part of history rooted in the European tradition of saunas and cold-water bathing.

    5)  Jumping in near-freezing water wearing little more than a pair of shorts takes a brave soul.

    6)  Participants build a sense of camaraderie and valued friendships that can last a lifetime.

    7)  It helps mentally by shortening the winter season and lifts bouts of depression. 

    8)  It's a heck of lot cheaper and safer than walking on coals.

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