Join Us on New Year's Day - January 1st 2011
For the 10th Annual Event!

Gather at 11:30 am at the Antelope Point Marina
Floating Restaurant for the 12 Noon plunge event

New Years Banner
2010 Plunge

2010 Polar Bears line up before a frosty plunge into
the chilly waters of Lake Powell
at the 9th Annual Event    

Antelope Point Marina Officially Adopts the Lake Powell Polar Bear Event!

Do you have the courage to be a Lake Powell Polar Bear?

For More Information
Contact Paul Ostapuk at 928 614-9655

Life is short:  So Live a little, Laugh a little…Play a lot!
And it’s never too cold to eat ice cream or take a swim in Lake Powell.


F.A.Q. - Cold Water Swimming

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Benefits of becoming a Polar Bear Member

    1)  Shocking the circulatory system can produce a warm afterglow and a transcendental
    state that one literally needs to experience to fully understand.

    2)  It is a spiritually uplifting ritual which can surpass any normal level of comprehension.

    3)  It can reduce wrinkles.    Drastic temperature changes and shivering skin
actually exercise shallow sub-cutaneous muscles that firm the skin.

    4)  You become part of history rooted in the European tradition
of saunas and cold-water bathing

    5)  Jumping in near-freezing water wearing little more than a pair of shorts
takes a brave

    6)  Participants build a sense of camaraderie and valued friendships that can last a lifetime.

    7)  It helps mentally by shortening the winter season and lifts bouts of depression. 

    8)  It's a heck of lot cheaper and safer than walking on coals.