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Links of Interest

Ice Age

Extinct Ice Age Mammals of the Colorado Plateau
Fossil Dung on the Colorado Plateau
Ice Age Mass Extinctions
Ice Age Mammals - Smithsonian Institution
La Brea Tarpit Ice Age Mammals
Pleistocene Megafauna extinctions

Dinosaur Artwork and Images

Dinosaur Photo Index
Dinosaur Picture Heaven
London Natural History Museum


Amateur Paleontology Organizations by State
Utah Geologic Survey - Dinosaurs and Fossils
Utah Geologic Survey Notes - Geologic Newletter
Utah Vertebrate Paleontology articles
Paleontological Society
Dynamic History of the Earth-Life System:  A Report to the NSF on Research Directions in Paleontology
Dinosaur track publications
Paleontology of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
Utah Friends of Paleontology Calendar of Events
Ptychodids from the Tropic Shale
UC Berkley Paleontological Links


Utah Geologic Survey Teaching Aids
UGS Volunteer Paleontology Volunteer Certification Program – Dinosaur Paleontology – Geology 212 – History of Dinosaur collecting – Compete Dinosaur primer including nomenclature – Pterosaur pronunciation guide

Robert M. Alf Museum of Paleontologyt - Has high school accredited museum on high school campus


IWERKS Ride Simulation Products
SIMEX Virtual Voyage IMPACT! Simulation Ride
The Ride Film Market
Ride Simulators 101

Extinction Events and Catastophies

Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Program
Introduction to Mass Extinction Events

Dinosaur Magazines and Publications

Paleozoica Year 2001 Publication
Paleozioca Year 2000 Publication
Dino Data What's News


Packrat Middens on the Colorado Plateau
Heinrich Cooling Events
North American Drought - A Paleo Perspective
General information on Desert Rock Varnish
Using desert varnish to reconstruct climatic changes
Heinrich Cooling Events Lecture - pdf file

Non-Profit Resources

Information for and about non-profit organizations
Finding Grant Sources
American Association of Museums

City of Page Information

City of Page Strategic Plan for Economic and Community Development
Page-Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce
Coconino Community College - Page Campus
Glen Canyon National Recreational Area - National Park Service
John Wesley Powell Memorial Museum
The Page-Lake Powell Visitor Guide
The Navajo Village - Cultural Exchange Opportunity
Page Unified School District

National Parks and Monuments

Glen Canyon National Recreational Area Strategic Plan for Years 2000-2005
BLM - Grand Staircase National Monument
Grand Staircase Maps and Publications

Other Science Centers and Museums

Museum of Northern Arizona
Mesa Southwest Museum
Smithsonian Institute - Departmant of Paleobiology
Utah Museums
The Paleontology Museum Database
Rueben H. Fleet Science Center - San Diego
Listing of Natural History Museums
Crow Canyon Archeology Center - Non Profit Research and Educational Center


Paleontology Organizations