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Exploring the concept

Showcasing the exciting paleontological fossil record
from nearby geologic formations

Highway 89 Location
    Next to National Park Service


  • Tourist Attraction/Destination
  • Motion Simulation Rides
  • Interpretive Museum
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Gift Shop
  • Educational Center

pretend building
(Building for illustration purposes only)
Crow Canyon facility 

Vision and Mission Statement

The Page Paleontology Science Center (a non-profit organization) would be dedicated to the interpretation and creative display of nearby paleontological discoveries on the Colorado Plateau with an emphasis on paleo-ecology and changing paleo-environments.

Multi-discipline exhibits, interactive displays in combination with sensory-based experiences (i.e. motion simulation rides) would provide an unique educational experience for a broad range of Earth Science topics.

The Center's innovative programs would provide a stimulating educational opportunity for students in school districts througout northern Arizona and southern Utah.  In addition, collaboration efforts with Coconino Community College could provide increased opportunities for higher learning degrees in the Earth Sciences and increase the percentage of native Americans entering the scientific field.  Educational opportunities would also exist for the lay person, either through paid participation in field excavations and /or through certified programs in cooperation with the Utah Geological Society that produce volunteer paleontological field assistants.

Proceeds from retail sales at the Science Center would be used to promote education, create interpretive displays and help fund collaborate field research with those organizations that perform paleontological activities on the Colorado Plateau.

The Center’s goals are:

  • To provide a first-class visitor experience for the seasoned world-wide traveler to the Colorado Plateau

  • To capture the imagination and inspire today’s youth, and

  • To provide a foundation for paleontological research and collaborated educational field projects through the collection of monies, contributions and grants.

The Page Paleontology Science Center is currently in the concept phase
Check this site frequently for updates...especially the exhibits section