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The City of Page announces a
Strategic Plan for Community and Economic Development.

The City of Page recently participated in an award-winning community program called "A Focused Future".  The program sponsored by Arizona Public Service, has helped nearly 30 Arizona communities - from Sedona to Douglas - develop stronger local economies, address community issues and in general improve the quality of life for residents.  The program offers strategic planning, economic development education and a blueprint for getting citizens involved in building their community.

According to Evelyn Casuga, APS’ program manager of community development, "A Focused Future is one of those rare win-win programs.  APS has a stake in a community’s financial growth. We’re making an investment. "We put the future of the community in the hands of its members and then give them tools and guidance," says Casuga.  "As they thrive, so do we."

Community member involvement is vital to the program’s success. "The first step in A Focused Future is getting people involved. We introduce them to the concept of viewing their community holistically - as integrated components," said Casuga. "We hold orientation meetings; form action teams; help them implement ideas and then come back later to evaluate their success. The program is about giving community members the opportunity to get involved in a constructive way."

The end result was the development of a  A Focused Future:   The City of Page Strategic PlanThis plan establishes a framework for developing Page into a truly special community.  It provides an outline of goals and objectives intended to guide the city's future community and economic development.  Although some of aspects on the plan may already be in place - there are dozens of issues that must be addressed along the way as the community of Page prepares for inevitable future growth and embraces the fundamental changes inherent to the so called "New Economy".

The report addresses the following "Focus Areas":

  • Tourism Development
  • Workforce Education and Training
  • Business Recruitment and Retention
  • Technology Infrastructure Improvements
  • Transportation Improvements
  • Image / Sense of Community
  • Health Care
  • Leadership / Effective Government
  • Program Funding

An Implementation Team is being assembled to put forth the recommendations of the Strategic Action Plan.   Team Members and Volunteers are being solicited to help put the Strategic Plan into action. 

If you would like to contribute to the future of Page, contact:

Steve White
City of Page Planning and Zoning Director

Profile:  Types of Growth and Development

bullet  Economic Development
Economic development creates jobs by retaining local businesses and industry, helping existing firms to expand, recruiting new firms, helping entrepreneurs get started, and promoting tourism.
bullet  Organizational Development
Strong civic organizations play an important role in achieving goals in human resources, community and economic development. 
The development of leadership skills at all levels throughout the community and an effective local governing body are important aspects for the future of Page.
bullet  Human Resource Development
Enhancing the quality of the local workforce is a major challenge requiring leadership development, on-the-job training, vocational education, and technical training.
bullet  Community Development
Local citizens and organizations need to enhance the attractiveness, physical infrastructure, and social capital of their communities.
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Read the entire August 2000 report which was sponsored by APS and City of Page.

A Focused Future:   The City of Page Strategic Plan


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First Shopping Mall in Page


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bullet City of Page Economic Development
Through its Economic Development Department, the City of Page seeks to capitalize on its location as the gateway to Lake Powell and its position as an emerging regional center in northern Arizona and southern Utah. 
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Governor Hull has unveiled the final report of the Arizona Partnership for the New Economy (APNE) and has already begun to incorporate many of the recommendations into her agenda.

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